Unshore was a great game to work on for my first project in Falmouth University’s Games Academy. Taking the role of UI Programmer was a great chance to to have some some fun in the Unity game engine whilst being part of a multifaceted team. The theme we were given was Cornwall and “a famous dead person”, we figured that a dark horror styled game of chasing evil piskies around the island of Saint Michaels Mount while being hunted by King Arthurs ghost was pretty bang on.

Version 3 launched!

I’ve been managing to find enough time lately to catch up on some courses that have been dwelling in the background, first and foremost being the WordPress developer course. So after a fair amount of work and having a reasonable amount of fun with PHP, I managed to successfully migrate my website on to WordPress. Playing around with WordPress has been pretty fun so far and it’s already got me planning future updates such as user account registration and login and quite a few others that I think will be following pretty soon, keep your eyes out!

SmartBrain – Face Recognition App

This face recognition app allows you to scan any image-link for faces within the picture, this is my first project fully leveraging an API, and a fully built back-end, allowing user registration, login and a rank based on how many images that user has entered. The data held within the database is secure, using encryption technologies such as Bcrypt.

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Final Fantasy VII:R Product Page

Being a massive Final Fantasy fan, upon the release of FFVII:Remake I felt it was 100% necessary to make it the theme of my responsive web design submission for freeCodeCamp. I particularly enjoyed making a theme with a darker appeal, and using that very FF7 Mako green.

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JavaScript Magic 8-ball

Had some fun and made a small Magic 8-Ball web app using some basic HTML, CSS shapes and some simple JavaScript switch statement logic.

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Captive Design Studio

I had a great time working on the Captive Design Studio site, the use of strong fonts and powerful colors was an absolute must to pull this design off and it came out looking fantastic. I definitely learned a lot about making an impact from this one.

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Makkio Ikui

Inspired by the Kawaii Japanese art style, of course this website was a lot of fun to make, a great use of color in the design really made it pop. It came with its challenges, but its hard to stay frustrated when you’re working with these kinds of images.

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